2021-11-09 15:42

Almond is one of the four famous dried fruits in the world. Almond kernel has extremely high nutritional value and are a rare nourishing product.. Its selling value also varies with different grades.

At present, most of the almond sold on the market are graded by hand or simple mechanical machine, which has problems such as high labor intensity, low work efficiency, and high kernel damage rate.

almond 1.jpeg

According to the physical characteristics of almond, BINSORT provides almond classification schemes in three scenarios:

1. Size grading before shelling: BINSORT's unique optical grading technology, to rough grade the almond with shell according to size before shelling, it can reduce the almond shelling broken rate and increase the one time shelling rate.

almond 2.jpeg

2. Color sorting after shelling: BINSORT High Resolution lens & sensor can divide the almond kernel according to the color difference into: broken almond kernel, scratch almond kernel, and good almond kernel.

3. Size grading after shelling: BINSORT's unique grading feature grades the almond kernel based on different size.