Belt Type Color Sorter

Series SreeCare
Suitable Commodity Nut, Spice, Plast
Camera Sensor Japan Toshiba
Camera Feature HD Low Distortion
Detailed Features

Available with 300mm, 600mm and 1200mm belt width

* Suitable commodities detail list

- Nut: Peanut, Cashew nut, Walnut, Hazal Nut etc..

- Spice: Fresh garlic, Dried chilli etc.

- Plast: Plastic granules, Plastic flakes, PET, PVC, PP, PE, PC etc.


* Japan Toshiba Sensor

* Artificial Intelligence sorting algorithm

* Intelligent self-learning system

* Automatic Online Calibration

* Size sorting & shape sorting Available

* Reverse sorting Available

* Point-to-Point dust suction

* 999+ programs storage

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