2021-11-09 10:04

In addition to the color, smell, impurities, etc., the broken rice rate is also one of the important appearance indicators in the evaluation index of rice quality. Limited to the current rice milling technology, the amount of broken rice produced during rice processing reaches 15%-20%, and because of the continuous improvement of its processing accuracy, the product classification is gradually strengthened, and the broken rice rate is increasing year by year.

In terms of chemical composition, broken rice is similar to whole rice, but its economic value and edible value are quite different. The price of broken rice is only 1/3-1/2 of whole rice. The increase in the amount of broken rice not only affects the comprehensive utilization value of rice bran, but also the commercial value of the finished rice product will be greatly reduced in addition to the lower grade.


How to effectively avoid the generation of broken rice is a problem that plagues many rice processing enterprises. According to BINSORT's long-term deep cultivation of rice processing fields, the following methods are used to control a smaller rate of broken rice:

1. Improve raw grain quality

The quality of rice depends to a large extent on the variety of raw grain. Therefore, it is necessary to test the variety index of the raw grain before the raw grain enters the factory, and analyze the moisture, processing characteristics and particle shape.

2. Ensure proper rice moisture

If the moisture content is too high, the toughness of the husk will be large, and the hulling rate will be reduced. Therefore, the moisture value of the rice must be controled to a safe moisture value before processing to continue processing.

3. Choose good milling & processing technology

Equipment is the main cause of broken rice directly or indirectly. At present, there are many types of rice processing equipment on the market, and the process performance and product quality are uneven. If the design is not reasonable, the rice will be more destructive during the processing process.

4. Improve the technical level of operators

Operators should have the corresponding technical level and sense of responsibility, and regularly participate in training to improve the work efficiency of the operators.

5. Select color sorter combined size sorter machine

BINSORT rice color sorter not only has the function of color sorting, it can also do size sort to reject broken rice during the color sorting process, effectively removing the broken rice ratio in the rice, and guaranteeing the quality of your rice products.