2021-11-09 21:31

Nowadays, the world generates almost 300 million metric tonnes of plastics waste annually and on an average 1 million metric tonne on daily basis. The recycling of plastics is an important way to solve the problem of waste plastics, and the sorting of waste plastics is a crucial link in recycling.

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The sorting methods of waste plastics include wind sorting, electrostatic sorting, flotation method and manual sorting. However, these methods have shortcomings such as high energy consumption, low efficiency and secondary pollution. The near infrared spectroscopy technology can realize non contact non destructive testing and millisecond level rapid testing to meet the needs of industrial production.

BINSORT's latest infrared sorting equipment has the features of stable performance and fast scanning speed. The characteristics of high rate, high signal to noise ratio and superior cost performance are gradually being promoted in the field of plastic recycling. Right now BINSORT Plastic Infrared polymer sorters are mainly applied in:

1) Purification of PET flakes. With effectively detection and removal of other non PET impurities such as PVC, PC, etc. in the PET flakes through infrared technology, so that the purity of the final PET flakes can achieve below 50ppm or lower, and the processing capacity can reach 500kg per hour to 3000kg per hour


2) Separation of PE/non PE flakes. With effectively detection and separation of PE and non PE material through infrared technology, with a purification accuracy of 90 to 95% at one time, and a processing capacity of 200kg to 1500kg per hour

Accurate and efficient sorting technology is essential for the recycling and utilization of waste plastics. Near infrared spectroscopy analysis technology has great potential in the field of plastic sorting. In particular, a multi technology joint sorting system including near infrared spectroscopy sorting technology will be the ideal solution to the problem of plastic sorting and the sustainable use of resources.