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Foriegn Matter Removing Machine

Detailed Features

BINSORT Brand Foreign Matter Remover, also called air separator. It is composed of circulating fan, separation drum unit, conveyor, diffusion chamber, dust collector and so on. According to the principle of aerodynamics, the equipment uses controllable airflow as the sorting medium, and under the action of the controllable airflow, the selected materials are selected according to the density and particle size. Feathers, plastic bags, dead leaves, etc.) are carried upwards or farther in the horizontal direction, while heavy materials fall due to the updraft not being able to support them, or are thrown a short distance in the horizontal direction due to inertia. Therefore, the air separation process is based on the sedimentation law of various solid wastes in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of classification and recycling.

The main structural components of the air separator include: feed conveyor, rotating drum, blower, heavy material conveyor belt, fan separator, settling chamber, light material conveyor belt and dust filter.